Download YouTube Videos Tutorial

These instructions are NOT for a phone, tablet, android or iphone. This is to download videos on a desktop computer. To download the videos you first need to download a free program called 4k Video Downloader. It's free for the basic version and that's all we need to download the videos. If you want the extra features the software offers then you have to purchase it. Anyway, let's get started with the free version.

Download the 4k Video Downloader by clicking here


After downloading the file, click on it to launch the installer and follow the following screenshot guidance. The red circles are what needs to be clicked or selected.


Close the window that 4k video downloader launched on your browser by clicking on the X.

On the Soccer Mom website, look for the video playlist you want to download and click on the arrow on the top right to share.

Right click on the youtube link and click on copy link address.

Open the 4k Video Downloader and click on paste link. Follow the rest of the image examples.

At this point, your videos should be downloading. If you have issues you may need to update the program by downloading it from the main website by visiting here